Texas A&M’s season will be on the line Sunday when they return to the Charles Schwab Field diamond for a College World Series elimination game after falling to Oklahoma 13-8. The Aggies get a day off, but coach Jim Schlossnagle would rather get back on the field tomorrow.

“Definitely stinks not getting to play tomorrow. No doubt about it. Although, the rest is worthwhile,” Schlossnagle told reporters in his postgame press conference.

Texas A&M faces a tough path moving forward, going 0-1 into the loser’s bracket. Schlossnagle wants his team to just focus on winning the next game.

“So the message is going to be we still have to be on a one-game win streak. We have to find a way to win one game and worry about that after the fact,” the coach said postgame.

“There’s been all kinds of different stories in this College World Series for many, many years. And we can either cower down and put our tail between our legs and go back to College Station or we can fight. My money is on our guys fighting. Whether that results in a win or loss, I don’t know, but I guess that’s what I’ll tell them.

It was a particularly rough day for the Texas A&M pitchers. Thanks to double-digit free passes, Oklahoma only needed only 11 hits to score 13 runs. Schlossnagle was asked about the message for his pitching staff going forward.

“You’re not going to make some grand change. You are who you are. So my only message will be it would be nice to see — we’ve seen it,” Schlossnagle said. “Moo didn’t have a good day today; he’s normally pretty gritty. But you saw our quality of our at-bats against a really good pitcher, regardless of the score, the grit.

“Austin Bost had the at-bat where he’s down 0-2 and he stayed in it, and he lined out to the second baseman. That exemplifies our team. It doesn’t necessarily exemplify all the pitching staff, unfortunately. In order for us to play deep into this tournament, someone is going to have to give us something.”

The first-year Texas A&M skipper is confident his pitching staff has the depth to make it out of the loser’s bracket and into the finals.

“I think Micah Dallas is capable of doing that,” Schlossnagle said. “I know Prager is and Rudis is. There’s enough guys down there for us to battle in this thing. But we can’t give away free bases. Doesn’t matter if the game is played in this ballpark, at Bellevue East, it doesn’t matter. It’s bad baseball. You play bad baseball you’re going to get your tail kicked.”