College football’s biggest debate is heating up. When it comes to who deserves the fourth spot in the final spot, everyone has an opinion.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney stirred the pot when he went on “The Rich Eisen Show” and spoke favorably of the SEC and ACC while discussing Ohio State only playing six games before the CFP. Former OSU coach Urban Meyer, an analyst on FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff, argued that the Buckeyes belong because of the “look test” as one of the top four teams. SEC Network analyst Jordan Rodgers argued Saturday on “SEC Nation” that Ohio State’s “eye test” doesn’t trump Texas A&M’s resume.

“They have one of the best records, they have one of the best wins and they have one of the best losses,” Rodgers said. “This is one of the teams that has played nearly a complete season. I think that has to factor into it. Again, this is why I hate the eye test in certain scenarios because the eye test is fickle. That’s the Ohio State thing. They need Northwestern because they need a better eye test. Their eye test sucks right now. It really does. Against Indiana, they weren’t great. Against Northwestern, we don’t think they’ll miss much, they might be OK.

“Their eye test isn’t good and that’s why it’s fickle because you look at Texas A&M and the committee is going to go ‘Well, they haven’t put up a ton of points, they’re not flashy.’ Who cares! They win football games so the eye test is way too fickle. It’s committee members that are promising — they watch all this film. They look at every aspect when really they’re changing stats and chasing numbers. Texas A&M is a better football team right now and they have a better resume, and I think Ohio State has a lot to prove in this one game, not just winning it but how they win it. Again, I still don’t agree with that aspect of the eye test.”

So far, the committee has been reluctant to place Texas A&M ahead of Ohio State. We’ll see if the latest round of media debate leads to any changes.

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