Fans eager to have the Texas A&M versus Texas rivalry renewed on the football field have been getting promising updates in recent weeks but it turns out all those promising words may mean next to nothing.

While both school presidents have come out publicly in support of the rivalry, in addition to state representatives, behind closed doors, a different tune is being sung by at least one of the men in position to do something about the return of the annual game.

Texas A&M President Michael Young has publicly issued his support for the return of the game but in an email obtained by Ben Baby of the Dallas Morning News, Young said the exact opposite back in January. Here is the quote attributed to Young in the obtained email:

“We have no plans to renew the rivalry game at this time for very practical reasons.”

While it’s accurate to say both programs have full non-conference schedules years out in advance, it would be easy for two of the wealthiest programs in college football to buy out a future opponent in order to free up an opportunity for both schools to meet on the field.

The two programs have not met on the field since 2011 after playing 118 times on the gridiron dating back to 1894.