Texas A&M and Texas announced Friday that they will be meeting once again on the hardwood. Gov. Greg Abbott wants to see the two schools meet on the gridiron as well.

Talk of renewing the rivalry is the story that refuses to die. Players, coaches, athletic directors, university presidents and politicians have all weighed in over the years on the subject of the annual game that was scrapped when Texas A&M joined the SEC. With both teams having filled most of the spots for Power 5 out-of-conference games for many seasons to come, a regular-season meeting is unlikely to happen any time soon.

That’s not stopping Gov. Abbott from trying. The subject came up Friday when Abbott was speaking to WTAW’s Scott DeLucia on Friday morning. According to Travis L. Brown of The Eagle:

Abbott said he has talked to the leadership of both universities about the possibility of a two-game series in the future. He said he hopes to call a meeting between those leaders soon to further discuss the possibility.

Right now, even a one-off meeting appears unlikely, unless a bowl game is able to make it happen. But Abbott is hoping to see multiple meetings scheduled.

“My goal is to get it set up to where at least we play A&M and Texas a couple of times and see where it could go in the future,” Abbott told WTAW. As Brown mentions, Abbott previously shared this “goal” in 2017.

We shall see if the governor is able to pull off the tall task.