If you were out Monday night for New Year’s Eve and missed Texas A&M’s dominant 52-13 performance in the Gator Bowl over N.C. State, you missed quite the show from Aggie running back Trayveon Williams.

Already the SEC’s leading rusher entering the game, Williams put up a performance that’s going to ensure he keeps the rushing title as the Aggie running back exploded for 236 yards on only 19 carries in the game. That extended his season total to 1,760 rushing yards, which is a new Texas A&M single-season rushing mark. The previous mark was 1,692 which Darren Lewis rushed for back in 1988.

Williams’ 236 rushing yards Monday night also set a new Gator Bowl record.

Following his incredible performance, Williams was asked how he felt knowing he set the new standard at Texas A&M.

“It was a special moment. I just want to thank those guys up front. Want to thank Coach Fisher and the whole coaching staff, just everybody and the 12th Man, this whole program that really came together and made a big-time moment. That was a big moment, but most important that we got that bowl win,” Williams said after the game.

“That bowl win that we’ve been kind of missing out on the last four, five seasons, and we got that, the first bowl win under Coach Fisher, and we’re definitely molding and showing where this program is going in a new direction, so this is the first game for the beginning the 2019 season, and we’ve got to get this thing going right, and we got that win, so I’m happy.”

While every proud member of the 12th Man may have been keeping track of how many yards Williams needed to set the new school record, he entered the game 169 yards from the record, the junior claims he was not keeping tabs on the record during the game.

“Believe it or not, I wasn’t. I was just going out there and running. Coach Fisher kept telling me, you’ve got to keep going, you’ve got to keep going. Coach Graham was just saying, we’ve got to keep going, just definitely just doing my job,” Williams continued. “I didn’t want to get caught up in that moment. I just wanted to get that win, and got to do my job and got to stick the system with it, but I kind of knew that once I broke that long run, it kind of happened, and it was an emotional moment in the end zone when me and my teammates, everybody was running up to me telling me they love me, and it was kind of emotional, so I shed a few tears.”

Williams wasn’t the only one, check out the reaction from receiver Quartney Davison on Williams’ 93-yard touchdown run. He clearly knew the record belonged to his teammate as he ran down the field for a touchdown.

Following the game in the A&M postgame press conference, Jimbo Fisher wanted to make sure that credit for Williams’ new record also goes to his teammates who helped pave the way for the running back to achieve the new school mark.

“Listen, nobody achieves a record in football without the other guys on the team. It is a complete team effort,” Fisher said after the contest. “Those guys up front become a dominant — even our tight ends, our fullbacks, our receivers did a great job blocking downfield. You go look at those blocks, those guys are 15, 20 yards down the field, allowing him to make cuts.

“Here’s the thing: They want to block for him. See, people don’t think about that, a guy is a great player and guys do their job, but then you have guys that want to block for a guy who works his tail off and deserves it, know what I’m saying, and there’s different thing, and those guys wanted to block for them because they love him. They watch him practice.

“There’s no accident why he’s doing what he’s doing. It’s the way he comes to practice every day. It’s the way he would get on people. It’s the way he would lead. He would carry the messages and things I would say and do to the offense, Tyrel would do to the defense. And those guys carried him and they respected him. They knew he was a great player, but they respect him as a human being, so they wanted to play hard for him, and he performed.”