Texas A&M is far from the No. 6 preseason ranking they received a month or 2 ago.

Players are transferring, the Aggies are under .500 and the No. 1 ranked 2022 recruiting class is in disarray with suspensions, etc.

Former Ohio State and Florida head coach Urban Meyer weighed in on the issues for the Aggies Wednesday on Urban’s Take with Tim May. He said A&M’s evaluation is at the root of the problem.

“It’s hard to understand. I don’t want to add to narrative because I’m not inside that locker room, but we’re all, as I used to explain to our coaching staff and our players, this is the most evaluation-friendly business you can be in,” Meyer said Wednesday, via On3 Sports. “That means every week there’s a left side of the column and a right side, you either win or lose the game and then also people watch. And if it’s in disarray, your evaluation is not very good.”

Finding the best talent to be on the field with that much available on the roster should warrant a record of better than 3-4. Still, here they are.

Do you agree with Meyer?