Video: Myles Garrett explains why he skipped Mike & Mike interview with Booger McFarland

Mar 4, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett speaks to the media during the 2017 combine at Indiana Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It turns out Myles Garrett did indeed skip his scheduled meeting with Mike & Mike Monday due to Booger McFarland being a guest host on the show.

Why did this cause Garrett to second guess his appearance on the show? He doesn’t care for McFarland’s ‘negativity and bias’ the former Texas A&M defensive end said while giving an interview on ESPN radio show Russillo and Kanell.

Listen to Garrett give his full reasoning right here:

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  • He comes off as mentally weak to me. Maybe just a bad judgement call, but if you have a beef with someone, you confront them when the opportunity presents itself. Garrett ducked out. I’m sure the Aggie fans think this is cool, and that is fine. That’s just not I see it.

    • lol Bro you’re on it today. One last point from me and I’m done defending M.G.

      I have a feeling you were in that group that said the same thing about Clowney…

      I think he pro-bowled this year!!!!!!!!

      -1 for the haters!

      Gig’Em Myles!

      • Having a pro bowl year or being the first overall draftee are not mutually exclusive of being “mentally weak” or making poor decisions…

        • No you’re right, these “mentally weak” and “poor decision makers” just so happen to be world class athletes when people say they will fail. lol I’m sure you’re none of the aforementioned and make poor decisions on a daily, independent of being a world class athlete (which you’re not). You see how criticism works? It’s not irreconcilable to your everyday life. He can respond to criticism how he chooses. Even if it’s non-constructive criticism (ya know, like instead of booger stating M.G. is overrated, explain to him how to improve). Booger came to hate, just like you.

    • Garrett’s in this for a career. Confronting critics does not do a thing for him at this point, he has not been hired yet, and pro teams, like it or not, base a lot on personally when considering hiring, initial offerings, etc. Who cares what he does or does not say on am ESPN talk show? People who don’t matter right now.

      • Maybe, but he is the one that talked all that trash about Cleveland. He said he would destroy them if they didn’t take him first. So, if Cleveland upsets him, he will take action. If Booger upsets him, he goes into hiding. I just don’t think this whole episode makes him look very good.

        • Were those two instances sequential or parallel? You keep lumping events together as if one didn’t happen after the other. Life of a troll. lol But I like you LSUMCHammer. You are a funny guy/gal.

        • Cleveland was first. He was a tough guy then. Booger was next. That’s when your hero needed a safe place. You guys can defend him and hate on Booger all you want. I find the situation comical.

      • A 6’5 275 male needs a safe place?… I think you are misinterpreting the term “safe place”. I’m sure M.G. could handle you, and Booger with little complication. Don’t try to deindividualize M.G.

        • People that are mentally weak need a safe place. That has nothing to do with bring physical. Your guy comes off as mentally weak.

  • Lol Garrett isn’t in Clowney’s league. He’s closer to the defensive version of Jonathan Football. Delusional collies.

  • Jonathan Allen > myles garret