Jimbo Fisher’s squad recently received a Hall of Fame pep talk ahead of the 2019 season.

NFL legend Joe Theismann recently addressed the Texas A&M football team and the official Aggies Twitter account shared a video of what the College Football Hall of Fame QB had to say.

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“Every one of you has the opportunity to be able to part of something special,” Theismann told the team. “That doesn’t happen very often in our lives. I had the opportunity to play at the University of Notre Dame. I finished second in the Heisman Trophy. Everybody came up to me and said, you know, ‘Joe, sorry, you know, sorry you didn’t win. Jim Plunkett won that year. How do you feel?’ I said, ‘Well, you know, it’s just a great honor to be considered for the Heisman Trophy.’ That was a lie. It really is. If you’re gonna do something, why not be the best at it?”

It’s safe to assume Fisher hopes that a message many coaches stress sunk in thanks to the assist from football royalty.