Two more Tennessee football players will be added to the ongoing sexual assault lawsuit, according to an attorney representing the plaintiff.

In the story by WATE 6 News, Attorney David Randolph Smith didn’t specify whether they are current or former players. However, they are tied to new Jane Does that will also be added this week.

The lawsuit, which claims the University of Tennessee created a culture that enables sexual assaults by student-athletes, was originally filed by six women exactly two weeks ago.

Today, every Vols coach attended a joint press conference to talk about the athletic department’s culture and attempt to dispel some of the immense negativity surrounding it.

In related news, the university filed a motion to remove a reference to Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning from the lawsuit, according to the Associated Press.

The former Vols QB was included in the 64-page document as part of a sexual harassment complaint made by a Tennessee trainer in 1996. The motion argues that it should be eliminated “because of the utter lack of relevance” it has to the lawsuit.