Let’s be honest, it might seem pretty hopeless for Tennessee fans this week. Alabama is the top team in the country … and you have to play at their place … and it’s at night. It doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. Tennessee had a very nice win last weekend, but the program still hasn’t climbed out the hole Butch Jones left, so, yes, you have the makings for a long night.

But this is a safe space for Vols fans. We want to point out the positives and show that there are still reasons to be proud to put on that bright orange hat every Saturday, even against Alabama. So in honor of rivalry week, here are 20 ways Tennessee fans can feel superior to Alabama.

1. Everybody knows the words to Rocky Top

Who knows the words to Alabama’s fight song? Nobody outside of Tuscaloosa. But go anywhere in the country and you’ll find someone who can sing you the chorus of Rocky Top. No guarantee they actually like the song though.

2. Tennessee can win a game by a few points and still feel happy about it

Imagine if Alabama only beat Mississippi State by 10 points? There would be a ton of angry Finebaum calls and message board posts for the rest of the week. But Tennessee wins by 10 and it feels like a turning point.

3. Tennessee fans don’t have to argue with their significant other about watching them play on New Year’s Eve

You can’t put a price on stress-free holidays.

4. Tennessee fans can tailgate on a boat

Where do Alabama fans tailgate? A parking lot? Lame.

5. The Kick-6 never gets old

Imagine not enjoying watching Chris Davis run 109 yards and break Alabama fans’ hearts? It doesn’t even matter that Davis didn’t play for the Vols.

6. You get to stay up to date with coaching carousel news

Have questions about Jeff Brohm’s buyout or the length of Mike Gundy’s contract? Just ask your local Tennessee fan.

7. Every game is exciting

Tennessee fans get the thrill of knowing every game is a potential loss. Georgia? Georgia State? Who knows what will happen. Tua will never know what that’s like.

8. Nick Saban won’t yell at you if you don’t show up to a game or leave at halftime

Tennessee fans show up out of pure love and devotion for their team. Not because their head coach scolded them or an app is tracking them.

9. Other sports are fun besides football

Basketball season? Love it. Women’s basketball? Even better. At Alabama, everything is downhill after football season ends; at Tennessee, it’s just an appetizer.

10. You get to watch a lot of quarterbacks play, not just one

In the past 4 years, Alabama has had 2 different starting quarterbacks. In that same time span, Tennessee has had 5! They say variety is the spice of life, and at this point, the Vols are like ghost pepper sauce.

11. Tickets to the Music City Bowl are a lot cheaper than the Orange or Rose Bowl

Which fan base is using their savings in a financially responsible way? Not Alabama fans, that’s for sure.

12. Tennessee fans never had to watch their in-state rival win a national championship (in football, anyway)

Sorry, Vandy. Fall baseball has started, though.

13. There are no bandwagon Tennessee fans

If you’re rooting for Tennessee in 2019, then you are a certifiable real fan. You definitely can’t say the same thing to everyone wearing their Roll Tide Walmart t-shirts.

14. Tennessee gets to use being an underdog as motivation

Do you think Nick Saban or Tua could watch Rocky and relate to it? They probably think Apollo Creed is the good guy. For Tennessee, basically every SEC game feels like a Rocky movie.

15. No one accuses you of cheating

In this league, that’s something.

16. If Peyton Manning ever decides he wants to coach college football, it will probably be at Tennessee

Not that it will ever happen, but what if it does? …

17. Your colors will never blend in with another team’s colors

Try watching Alabama vs. Oklahoma and picking out which shade of crimson in the stands belongs to which fan base. Tennessee fans will never know that problem.

18. You don’t have to deal with Atlanta traffic

Imagine all the gas money Tennessee fans save every December by not having to travel to Atlanta.

19. A “T” is a lot easier to run through than an “A”

OK this one is a stretch, but you have to admit it’s true.

20. Tennessee hired Lane Kiffin before he was a joke. And fired him first, too.

Classic Bama, always getting Tennessee’s seconds.