On Tuesday night, star Tennessee RB John Kelly and LB Will Ignont were cited for marijuana possession.

On Wednesday, coach Butch Jones announced in a statement that the two players would be suspended for Saturday’s game against Kentucky.

During a Wednesday evening appearance on 104.5 The Zone’s “3HL” program, Jones expanded on that statement.

He started by saying he wouldn’t be making any more comments about Kelly and Ignont’s suspensions (via 247Sports):

“This is an isolated incident, and my earlier statement will be my only comment,” Jones said. “But we have a high standard and expectations by which we abide by here at the University of Tennessee, and we will never compromise those values.”

Jones did go on to say that he’s disappointed in his players, but wanted to send them a message and make sure they learned from their mistake:

“It hurts when any of your players make mistakes and make poor choices,” Jones said. “It’s just like your own children. You try to raise them the same way, and you have high standards and high expectations. And obviously there’s consequences for your actions.

“Again, we’ve met quite frequently today. And, again, there’s high expectations. And you hurt because it’s all about raising young men.

“Again, you have a high standard by which you abide by each and every day. And, like I said before, we will never, ever compromise those standards.”

Obviously, the Vols will miss their star running back on Saturday against Kentucky, so Jones hopes Kelly learns from this week’s mistakes and doesn’t let it happen again.