Tennessee coach Butch Jones is predictably unhappy about a 247Sports article that said the current Rocky Top “culture is a disaster,” and he’s taking it personally.

The Travis Haney article, in which he states 247Sports talked to “dozens of former and current coaches, players and administrators at Tennessee,” painted a picture of many starting to doubt Jones’ vision of building UT into a championship program, a promise he made when hired in December 2012.

“Butch is not very comfortable in his own skin,” one source told Haney. “Until he has that, he’ll just never be a great coach. He’s not comfortable in his own skin in recruiting, play-calling, organization … He’s great in a small setting, but he’s just not a comfortable guy.”

Perhaps the most damning line came from the source who relayed issues with the culture.

“The culture is a disaster,” a current Vols staffer said.

While Jones is understandably frustrated by the article, he is likely even more frustrated that a number of his staffers and players were willing to speak negatively to 247Sports.