Georgia learned a valuable lesson on Tuesday night, if you take a shot at Coach Duggs, you best not miss.

If you haven’t been following, Coach Duggs has become an internet sensation in recent weeks as the creation of Barstool’s Dan Katz has caught the attention of many after firing up the old NCAA Football 14 video game. Katz’s created coach, Gus Duggerton aka Coach Duggs, has taken the typical coaching path serving as an assistant before landing his first head coaching job at Texas Tech before being hired at Tennessee.

Barstool has been streaming the games online and getting tens of thousands of viewers per contest.

Duggs is in his first season at Tennessee and has the Volunteers’ official Twitter account following his every move. Even Jeremy Pruitt and Lane Kiffin have tweeted encouragement and advice to Duggs recently.

Tennessee was undefeated heading into Tuesday night’s matchup against Georgia, which the official Bulldog account was even anticipating.

Here’s what Georgia had to say leading up to kick off:

Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, that backfired on them as Coach Duggs led Tennessee to a 35-30 win over Georgia.

The back and forth didn’t stop there.

In the event of a loss, Georgia had a response cued up and ready to go:

Of course, that was Georgia’s second attempt to fire a shot at Tennessee.

Here’s what the account originally tweeted out, which was quickly deleted but not before it was screenshot by several Tennessee fans:

Even Jeremy Pruitt’s brother, Luke, had fun with that one:

If nothing else, Coach Duggs has provided us all with something to talk about during this time with little to no sports on television.

Who could have imagined that in the middle of 2020, official team accounts would be firing shots back and forth over a video game?

You have got to love the passion of SEC football.