Dan Mullen has been to Tennessee enough that he can quickly recall the chorus to “Rocky Top.”

Mullen, between his time at Mississippi State, and Florida, understands the atmospheres around the SEC, and on the “College GameDay podcast,” he shared what makes Tennessee’s atmosphere unique. Mullen, who didn’t lose against Tennessee, said, “I always felt pretty comfortable going into that game” and even added that the Tennessee fight song is “kind of a catchy tune.”

“They have not been on top, or even really in the mix as a top program for quite a while,” the former Florida coach said. “But every time you go in there, the stadium’s packed, it’s going to be deafening, I think it’s one of the most impressive stadiums in all of college football.”

Mullen even called it a “cathedral of a stadium 360 degrees around you” as he recalled being in Neyland Stadium as a graduate assistant with Notre Dame.

“You look up at the press box, and the press box is about 100 yards long with all the stories high,” Mullen said. “It’s impressive that the fan base is that passionate, win or lose wherever they’re at, they’re going to show up, and they’re going to support the team, and they’re going to create a hostile environment.”