Don Ferguson, dad of former Tennessee Volunteer and current Memphis QB Riley Ferguson, made quite the stir over the weekend.

Don made a Facebook post Saturday night where he commented on Riley’s decision to leave the Volunteers and referred to the program as a “dumpster fire.” Things have certainly gone south for head coach Butch Jones and the Vols this season, but it was an odd comment considering the way in which Riley left Knoxville.

The story quickly circulated around the internet, and Geoff Calkins with The Commercial Appeal reports Don now wishes he had kept Tennessee out of his original post:

“I should have just said going to Memphis was the best decision of his life,” said Ferguson. “I should have left Tennessee out of it. They have enough things to worry about…I was heartbroken that he left. I was born in Tennessee. I tried everything I could do to try and get him to stay. But he just never really felt comfortable there. There was nothing I could do.”

Don also claims that the situation surrounding Riley’s departure from Tennessee is “water under the bridge.” He praised the Vols fan base while also apologizing to those who may have been upset by his comments:

“It’s water under the bridge,” Don Ferguson said. “That fan base is one of the strongest in the country…I apologize to any fans I upset. I especially didn’t want to make things harder for Riley. I should have just said that Memphis has been great for him.”

Riley certainly has performed well during his stay at Memphis. He has thrown for 5,233 yards and 48 TDs in 18 career games with the Tigers. Memphis is 4-1 on the season with its lone loss coming to UCF.