Grayson Allen entered the NBA with a reputation as being a dirty player after years of cheap shots and questionable behavior at Duke, and by the looks of it, the now-Memphis Grizzlies player hasn’t cleaned up his act despite being in the league for a year.

Thursday night was business as usual for Allen as he was called for back-to-back flagrant fouls on former Tennessee star and Celtics rookie, Grant Williams. The rookie from Tennessee appeared to be having his way with Allen, which may have led to these punkish moves from the Grizzly.

Allen’s action was so bad, ESPN’s announcers for the NBA Summer League game called him out in the clips below.

Ryan Ruocco: I have to tell you, Dan, it mystifies me how anyone can defend what he does when it happens time and time again with him.

Dan Dakich: It’s just tiresome. It’s just tiresome. Let’s be honest. Duke defended him ad nauseam.

Ryan Ruocco: Oh my gosh, yes.

Based on the video below, it’s no wonder the Utah Jazz had no issue trading the former Duke player in the trade to acquire Mike Conley.

Here was the first play that caused Allen to earn a flagrant foul and the announcers to respond:

Allen wasn’t done, however, he then turned around and whacked Williams on the head on the next defensive possession and was given another flagrant foul. This foul led to his ejection from the game and ESPN’s announcers to call out the Memphis player once again:

Dan Dakich: Get him out of the game!

Ryan Ruocco: I mean, it’s absurd.

Dan Dakich: Just get him out of this game, now!

Ryan Ruocco: He caught a decent amount of head. More head than I thought.

Dan Dakich: I don’t think he was even swinging at the ball. I’m telling you… this infuriates me.

Here is the clip of the play:

Here is the complete play, as referenced in the clip above:

If Allen isn’t careful, he’s going to punch his ticket out of the league if his behavior continues.