Greg McElroy dropped his latest episode of the “Always College Football Podcast” Friday with a review of SEC Media Days. He also tackled a number of questions and topics looking ahead to the start of the season.

When it came time to list a program he was concerned about for the year ahead, McElroy went with Tennessee. Those concerns start with expectations in Knoxville that are reaching a boiling point after a strong campaign in the 2022 season.

“When you look at Tennessee, some of the hype right now surrounding Tennessee is getting a little out of control,” said McElroy. “Some are saying ‘Hey man, 10-2 at the very worst. 11-1 possible.’ Now, I understand you beat Alabama last year, I understand last year you had a really good performance against Florida… So much to be proud of for what was accomplished last year. First 11-win season in 2 decades, the highest AP ranking in 2 decades, all these things need to be taken into account.”

McElroy eventually doubled down on his concerns related to sky-high expectations surrounding the program. He also expects Alabama and Georgia are spending a lot of time studying the Vols while also seeing some other difficult games on the schedule in 2023.

“I think Tennessee, given the fact that the expectations are so insanely high this year, that’s where I’m a little bit concerned,” McElroy explained. “You know Bama’s been studying them all offseason, you know Georgia continues to study them because right now they are the second-best team in the SEC East… and they are the biggest threat to what Georgia’s doing. There are some other difficult games on the schedule as well for Tennessee.”

Here’s McElroy’s latest episode, Tennessee talk begins around the 6-minute mark: