What was an exciting game between Ole Miss and Tennessee Saturday night, almost turned into a riot after a few questionable calls made by SEC officials caused some Vols fans to throw things onto the field that stopped the game for about 20 minutes.

After seeing what had taken place in Knoxville, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey had a few choice words for the bad actors at the game Saturday and he wasn’t finished.

Sankey went on “The Nation” on Sports Animal WNML Sunday evening to discuss what happened and what he thought about the incident. Sankey said the actions of a few basically overshadowed a great game that came down to the final seconds.

“There’s a level of disappointment that probably morphs into anger in the moment because it was such a great atmosphere and an intense, competitive game, back and forth. The game was still in doubt,” Sankey said, per Adam Sparks of the Knoxville News Sentinel.

“But under no circumstances should that ever take place.”

Asked if he thought about coming the game after what had taken place, Sankey said no.

“The game should never be interrupted in that manner. But it was always on my mind (to finish the game),” Sankey said. “I was of the mindset that we could stop if order couldn’t be restored. I wanted to be patient.

Lastly, Sankey praised the officials last night for handling a difficult situation well.

“Our officials are charged on the field with managing potential disruption. Give them credit for how they managed and communicated.”