For many college students, a normal course load is very consuming of their time, and that’s without the demands of being a Division 1 athlete, which includes practice, weight training, studying the playbook, traveling and recuperating.

Volunteers LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin appears to have superpowers, as he’ll be receiving degree in recreation and sports management with a minor in business administration after only three years at Tennessee. 247Sports reporter Wes Rucker caught up with Reeves-Maybin to learn his secret.

Rucker also asked Reeves-Maybin about the status of his shoulder, which he had surgery on earlier this year.

“It’s definitely going good. I’m about eight weeks out of surgery now, and I’m getting my range of motion back. I just started being able to run yesterday. I did some laps. That didn’t really feel too good. I hadn’t run in nine weeks.”

Even though he’ll have his degree, Reeves-Maybin will back with UT for a fourth year, hoping to boost his draft stock. He was a leader on the Tennessee defense last season with 105 tackles and 14 tackles for loss, including six sacks.

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