Tennessee QB Jarrett Guarantano says Vols are ‘soon to be SEC Champions’

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Tennessee fans got their first opportunity to see redshirt freshman QB Jarrett Guarantano in action during Tuesday’s practice.

Guarantano is battling for the starting quarterback position with Quinten Dormady this spring, and sources we’ve spoken with inside the program says Guarantano should be the signal caller to beat.

Nonetheless, Guarantano isn’t going to be handed the job, and Dormady has looked capable in limited time during his career. I wouldn’t expect Butch Jones to make any type of decision anytime soon.

Guarantano spoke to the media after practice, and he thinks Tennessee is a university that’s “soon to be the SEC Champions.” When asked by the media if his every move is being watched while competing for the starting job, Guarantano had the following to say:

“Yeah, every single step is watched,” Guarantano said. “I go to class; I’m being watched. I’m on Twitter; I’m being watched. I’m on Instagram. But that’s what comes with the job and being the quarterback at a big university — a university that’s soon to be the SEC Champions, and it’s going to be even crazier in the future.”

Vols fans have to love the swagger and confidence he brings to the table.

Tennessee’s last SEC Championship came back in 1998 when the Vols won the first BCS National Championship. Since ’98, Tennessee lost the SEC Championship Game in 2001, 2004 and 2007.

Notably, Alabama has beaten the Vols 10 straight times, and even getting past Florida and getting to Atlanta has been an issue. Even though the Florida curse was broken in 2016, Tennessee couldn’t manage to make it back to the championship game.

Can Guarantano help change things around for Butch Jones and company? He should be a welcomed sight in Knoxville.

Guarantano’s full interview can be seen here, and his comments come at the very end of the video.

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  • I think he meant to say soon to be Life Champions

  • At least he is making a team statement vice a me statement. That being said, I would prefer that my players don’t get too carried away with their media time. Confidence is good. Cocky is bad. LSU suffered from a bit of cockiness last season. It did not work out well.

  • Seems like we hear this every year from UT commits. That being said this is the kinda qb that could help make it happen for them.

  • First and foremost you have to believe it’ll happen, otherwise you’re destined for mediocrity right out of the gate.

    • If thats the case then TU should be saying they are going to win the super because its pretty mediocre now when saying all that I mean think about it for two TU had an empty east veteran team qb and could even get out of its devision.

  • Honestly this is no different than Jake Bentley saying that USCe is going to win a National Title. In fact, it’s less outlandish to think if you make it to Atlanta out of a weak East that anything can happen in December. Especially with a five star heart and a golden arm. At least JG is starting a little bit lower on the bold statements than Bentley.

    • Man I was just about to type that. No hate on Bentley but the fans gobbled up his statement. Shouldn’t hate on JG for making his statement. Gotta believe in yourself before anyone else does.

    • He didn’t say “East Champions” he said “SEC Champions”.

      • I forgot that most Gator fans do not know how to read and put together coherent sentences. My apologies let me spell it out for you: “anything can happen in December.” However, I should have given an asterisk, along the lines of **unless you’re Florida, a team with no offense, suffering as Alabama’s rag doll in Atlanta the last two years.” Regardless of what he said, USCe QB declared they would win a Natty. That remains more far fetched of a statement. Either way, carry on you little Gayturd.

  • Another loudmouth punk, just like Kongbo last year. Lots of bravado from the New Jersey thug. Hanging out with Johnny Manziel last week had to be a good influence. Hope he starts instead of Dormady so he can find out what SEC ball all about.

    • Your opinion is your right. But let’s not forget that his winning attitude and mentality is required of a QB to not only win games but compete at elite levels. I’m not speaking about TN specifically, just the QB position in general. He has the most important job on the field and he has to lead his men with confidence. I think it’s ironic that you, an internet troll, are calling a rising star a loudmouth punk. The kid is 18 years old and is doing something you wish you could have done. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t wish you had it in you to play in the SEC. Well, he is. So why don’t you look in the mirror before you label someone a punk. You’ve “balled out” so hard in life that you’ve accomplished becoming an internet troll, well, congratulations to you, sir. Meanwhile, this kid is doing something you wish you could have done. He’s getting more ass than a toilet seat. And has the opportunity to go to the NFL one day.

      • Enjoy your probation years Colonel Reb. Hugh Freeze fixing to get a ‘Show Cause’ from NCAA. Everyone knew when you cheaters signed Tunsil, Ncemdiche, Tony Connor, Treadwell, et al they was being paid. #paythepiper.

        And yes Guarantano a “punk” just like Swag Kelly and Johnny Manziel is.

        • I’d like to see things from your perspective but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass. You changed the subject all together. Your anger has confirmed there’s some truth in my original post!

  • ^Hugh is that you? #LifeChampVols&RebelsCheat

  • ^Doubtful kid even beats out Dormady.