Jauan Jennings’ time on Rocky Top has come to an end.

That’s something all faithful members of Vol Nation are probably still coping with following the end of Tennessee’s 2019 season, which featured an incredible comeback victory over Indiana in the latest Gator Bowl.

Jennings may have missed the first half of that game but he definitely made his presence felt in his team’s comeback and walked off the field for the final time as a winner.

If you have forgotten, back when Tennessee started the season by dropping the opener to Georgia State, it was Jennings that came out with this response:

“I didn’t sign up for a one-game fight. This is a 12-game fight. That’s what we’re going to do each and every week from here on out.”

Many scoffed at that message at the time but it proved to be the narrative all season long for this Tennessee team. They simply refused to give up and never stopped believing in what they could accomplish together.

Now that his career on Rocky Top is over, Jennings has one final message for all of his supporters on Rocky Top:

“What hard work does for ya when talent alone won’t. I witnessed it! Gonna miss all my brothers, my coaches, and every single fan! Couldn’t have done it without y’all! Knoxville will forever be home for me, and It is sad to know it’s all over. From experience when God closes a door, he only opens another one! So excited and praying for the best for everyone come this 2020. It’s gonna be a special year!”

Jennings shared his message on Instagram: