Star New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara was in Knoxville on Saturday, taking in Tennessee’s practice along with some other former Tennessee players.

Kamara didn’t play under new coach Jeremy Pruitt, but that didn’t stop him from coming out to support his school. And, if Pruitt has his way, it won’t stop any former Vols from coming out to practice.

After Saturday’s session, Pruitt said he likes having former players around. He said he enjoys the pride former players have in the program (via 247Sports):

“I think it’s good for the program. It’s good to get everybody back,” Pruitt said after Saturday’s practice. “Tennessee is a football program that has a lot of pride, and has had a lot of pride for a long, long time. It’s like I tell the guys, ‘They were playing football long before we were born, and they’re gonna be playing football here long after we’re gone. It’s our job to leave it better than we found it.’

“We’re gonna take a lot of pride in doing that.”

Having a guy like Kamara around, in particular, is a benefit, because the young Vols see him dominating in the NFL on Sundays.

However, it seems there’s a lot of excitement around Pruitt’s program this spring, and he’s eager to keep it that way.