It wouldn’t be a college football offseason without some drama on Rocky Top.

That’s the sad reality of Vol Nation as each and every offseason seems to bring some level of angst and this offseason is no different as nearly everyone is predicting the end of the Jeremy Pruitt era will be coming in Knoxville sooner rather than later.

Of course, this is far more than speculation at this point as Tennessee is currently under investigation with Saturday Down South’s Matt Hayes reporting that the school is investigating Pruitt’s program in the hopes of discovering enough to fire the program’s head coach for cause.

Why would Tennessee do that? The logic here is simple, if Pruitt — or one of his assistants — broke serious NCAA rules, Tennessee wouldn’t owe the coach any money for firing him and could avoid another large buyout.

While he wasn’t asked directly about the ongoing investigation going on at Tennessee, Paul Finebaum was asked about Pruitt’s fate during his latest appearance on Birmingham-based WJOX 94.5 FM program The Roundtable on Monday.

Will Pruitt survive the offseason at Tennessee? Here’s how the SEC Network host responded.

“It’s seeming to be more unlikely by the day. And that is a story that comes and goes off the radar screen like a bad storm but all signs are pointing toward him heading toward the exit,” Finebaum answered.

Tennessee is coming off a 3-7 season with Pruitt’s overall record at 16-19 after three seasons on Rocky Top.