The 2020 season is going to be a unique one in the college football world, as only some of the FBS conferences are going to play. Of the 10 conferences, 6 are still planning to give fall football a try.

Since the Big Ten and Pac-12 aren’t among the conferences playing this year, many have questioned whether or not a potential champion should have an asterisk next to it.

On Tuesday, Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt said he believes Tennessee and every other school playing this fall is “absolutely” competing for a legitimate title, no asterisks needed:

If anything, the road through the SEC will be tougher this year, as the league has moved to a 10-game, conference-only schedule. That’s an absolutely brutal load for many teams to manage.

Who will win the title? Can Tennessee compete in the talented SEC East? We’ll find out the answers to those questions starting later this month.