Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt is still narrowing down the decision on his starting quarterback this week for the game against Alabama.

On the SEC coaches media teleconference, Pruitt said the Volunteers have repped several guys and will narrow it down as the week goes on.

Pruitt is the latest former Nick Saban assistant to face him this season, and he shared some of the best lessons he learned from the Alabama coach.

“Probably worked in every level of the program,” Pruitt said. “The one thing that coach does an outstanding job is he’s efficient with his time … he’s involved in everything … he manages everyone in the building, that’s probably the most important thing I saw from him and took from him.

Pruitt was also asked about paying former assistant coaches during tough financial times in light of him firing defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh this week after the loss to Kentucky.

“You do what’s best for the players … every move we’ve made is in the best interest for our student athletes,” Pruitt said.

Asked about offensive playcalling, Pruitt said the game plan in all 3 phases goes through him.

“I’m not saying all calls but the game plan goes through me,” he said. “We will continue to do that.

Speaking of offenses, Pruitt said, “Through 4 games, this is probably the best Alabama offense I’ve seen since I’ve been alive.”