WWE legend Jim Ross is a lifelong Oklahoma fan, and that means he’s a big fan of Josh Heupel, who played quarterback for the Sooners.

Now, Heupel is the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, and Ross thinks the Vols got the right guy for the job.

During an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Monday, Ross said he was wrong to think Heupel wouldn’t make a great head coach:

“He’s a high character guy,” Ross said. “He’s a football guy. I always thought Josh would be too introverted and too laid back to be a great head coach. I’m happy to say I was wrong about that. His personality started blossoming the more responsibilities he got in those other programs after he left Oklahoma. His dad is a football coach, and a hell of a football guy too, as matter of fact. Old, tough guy. …

“Tennessee is one of those programs nationally that needs to be good and needs to be competitive. I got the chance to go to one game there in my life. I’ll never forget it. Of course, I’m biased. Oklahoma won. Baker Mayfield had a hell of a night. Being in that stadium with the ground rumbling and seeing all that orange, it was one of the most amazing sports experiences I’ve ever had.”

Will Heupel lead the Vols back to glory? Ross thinks he’s the man to do just that.