Josh Heupel and Tennessee hosted several recruits on Saturday, and they witnessed the unfortunate ending to the Ole Miss game as fans threw a slew of debris on the field, and the game was delayed about 20 minutes.

At his Monday press conference, Heupel was asked about the great atmosphere for 59 minutes versus the chaotic finish the final minute.

“They’re going to take away the 59 minutes,” Heupel said “The slight delay and then to see our student body rush down and fill the bottom part of the section, the remainder part of our crowd to be amped up for the final minute of play. That’s the takeaway. I know for some people, the story is what happened, and our administration has obviously made it clear that that’s not the stance and what we want from the Volunteer spirit. You know I feel the same way. It’s a very few number.”

Heupel then spoke about the passion and energy from the Tennessee fan base stood out to him.

“I’ve been in a lot of competitive arenas as a player and as a coach, there was nothing better that I’ve ever been in than what happened on Saturday night,” Heupel said.