By any measure, it’s been a tough season for the Tennessee Volunteers and embattled coach Butch Jones.

However, coming out of a bye week with a game against South Carolina this Saturday, there is still time for the Vols to turn things around.

Jones said he still feels supported by Tennessee AD John Currie and has been having regular conversations with the first-year Volunteers athletic director.

Around the 7:00-mark of the below clip from 3HL in Nashville, Jones discusses his relationship with Currie and how often they talk football:

“How much time have you spent over the last week and a half with John Currie talking about the state of the program?” one of the hosts asks.

“John and I talk all the time,” Jones said. “The great thing is, John has been here, and he understands the program. He understands where it’s come from. We’re in constant dialogue.”

“He’s been extremely supportive, and he understands everything that we’ve built, everything that we’re going through with a young football team.”

If the Vols continue to struggle, we’ll have to see if that relationship continues to be a good one.

However, for now at least, Jones feels like he has the support of Currie.

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