Rumors surrounding Jon Gruden’s return to coaching take on almost a daily twist, and Friday offered the latest example.

Speaking as a guest on the Rich Eisen Show, the current Monday Night Football analyst gave an expansive answer to Eisen’s question about returning to coaching. Of course, the most well-known job Gruden is connected to is at Tennessee, where the possibility has taken on its own nickname, Grumors. Earlier this week, odds of Gruden landing the job at Tennessee dropped as Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s jumped.

Rich Eisen: “When is the last time you got a call to say I want you to be my coach, if you’re up for it?”

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Gruden: “Well, I don’t know. It’s in your blood. You get some people calling maybe to see if you’re interested in coaching again, and maybe if you can help recommend a couple guys. I’m pretty much involved with every level of football every day of the week, so I try to help if I can. One of these days, who knows, Rich, one of these days you never know. But I’m just trying to hang on to the job I have. As you know, I don’t have a guaranteed contract.”

Eisen: “People are wondering if there is that scenario out there for you, do you have it in your mind, or is it just one of those things that it’s going to hit you maybe this is the one, Jon?”

Gruden said he has talked with people in the past and plans on keeping his options open.

“I’m 54 years old now and I’m really happy doing what I’m doing, I’m with great people, I think we have a really good team. I look forward of going and traveling with the team of Monday Night Football and our crew. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and if something comes along down the road, we’ll take a look at it.”