The Tennessee Volunteers were targeting Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy last week, but Gundy ended speculation about him heading to Knoxville with a tweet saying he was a Cowboy for life.

Gundy did earn a raise at Oklahoma State for his efforts, but the Vols’ coaching search continues.

On Monday, Gundy joined ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM to discuss the way the rumor mill spun out of control in regards to the Tennessee rumors, as you can hear in the clip below:

“A lot of those job situations get blown out of proportion really fast with social media and such,” he said. “I’d gotten a text earlier that morning and I texted back that I wasn’t involved, but it obviously didn’t do any good.

“I don’t have an agent, so any time there’s a phone call to me, sometimes that happens when I’m not even involved. Sometimes they’re asking about other coaches.”

Gundy said he did have conversations with Tennessee officials while he was in Dallas, but it wasn’t as serious as people made it out to be.

“I had conversations,” he said. “They weren’t directly related to the importance people thought. I was in Dallas prior to them even coming down there. I had known those people there for a while. Let’s just say that it got blown way out of proportion in the extent of what people took it.”

For now, Gundy is staying at Oklahoma State, so the rumors continue to swirl in Knoxville, where a new AD, former coach Phillip Fulmer, is now leading the search.