There was a special moment during a break at Saturday’s top 25 matchup between Tennessee and Illinois.

Lieutenant Commander Zachary Smith surprised his family at halfcourt of the Vols’ home matchup against the No. 20 Fighting Irish. Smith was deployed for 10 months. 

Smith’s family, including 6 kids, stood at halfcourt watching a video made by Smith when he appeared behind them.

Never, ever gets old:

There’s a pretty incredible matchup going on between Illinois and Tennessee on the court, too. The Vols and Illini have battled back and forth, with Illinois currently leading slightly entered the 2nd half.

Dalton Knecht has kept Tennessee’s offense in this one after a hot start from Tennessee. Knecht is up to 10 points already after sitting the final 5 minutes of the second half.

Tennessee has played a grueling schedule this season and is looking for another top 25 win to add to its resume after falling to Purdue, Kansas and North Carolina.