The New Orleans Saints are already repeat offenders in the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol requirements. Now they’re reportedly set to receive additional discipline following RB Alvin Kamara’s positive test in December.

The NFL Network has reported that the Saints’ violations of the NFL’s policies on COVID-19 may have contributed to Kamara becoming infected, and the punishment is likely to be the biggest yet for their third offense.

Tom Pelissero added that the Saints and coach Sean Payton have already been fined $850,000 and lost a 7th-round draft pick for two previous COVID protocol violations. Discipline is not finalized in the latest case, but it could end up including multiple and/or higher draft picks and an even larger fine.

Kamara, a former Tennessee running back, tested positive for COVID-19 and missed the team’s Week 17 game after an interaction in the facility with a person not employed by the club who turned out to be positive. That is a violation captured on surveillance video obtained by the NFL, per sources.