Future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning is expected to hang up his cleats for good on Monday, according to a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The Denver Broncos released a story with congratulatory messages from all of the team’s higher-ups on Sunday morning, which is a strong indication that the report is accurate.

Reflecting on the career of perhaps the greatest quarterback of all-time got us to thinking– What is next for Peyton Manning?

Here’s a quick look at some directions Manning could go:

Broadcasting: Manning is a pretty likable guy. He knows the game inside and out, has as many inside contacts as any journalist and could be a significant upgrade over someone like Phil Simms at CBS. Whether it be a Dan Marino-like pregame desk role or a Troy Aikman-like role as a color commentator, there is no doubt that Manning will be a highly sought after personality for all of the major networks if he chooses to go that route.

Coaching:┬áMost every Tennessee Vols fan’s dream for the future involves Peyton Manning getting involved with the program in some capacity. While that would make for a great story, do we really think Peyton is the kind of guy that would sign up for the grind of recruiting high school kids? Would he be willing to work his way up the ladder from position coach to coordinator to head coach? Some may say so, but it seems like a long shot. If he’s interested in coaching, he may be better suited for the NFL anyway.

NFL upper management: Manning worked under Broncos general manager John Elway for the final four years of his career. There probably isn’t a better example of a Hall of Fame quarterback turned successful front office executive, so there’s no doubt Manning could learn about the transition from the best. This seems to be an idea that media members like to float out there, so consider it a strong possibility if the right fit presents itself.

Politics: Jeb Bush made it well-known during his Presidential bid that Peyton Manning was a supporter in his corner. As we mentioned before, Manning is a pretty likable guy and comes by leadership pretty naturally. Former Vols QB Heath Shuler, who played at Tennessee and became a top NFL Draft pick just before Manning took over in Knoxville, is an example of a popular player getting into the politics game. Shuler is a former U.S. Representative from North Carolina. Again, another person that could potentially offer some advice to Manning if he were to decide on this type of transition.

Team ownership: Manning has amassed quite a bit of money from his playing days and his many endorsement deals. He may decide he wants to partner with someone and purchase an NFL franchise at some point.

Television star: Manning is always hilarious during his appearances on Saturday Night Live, has a good sense of comedic timing and is certainly not afraid of the cameras. Whether it be a reality show or a scripted pilot, television execs would line up for the chance to get Manning to be a regular part of their scheduled programming.

One thing we can likely count on is plenty of commercials from Manning. Those are quick, easy, usually humorous and easy to maintain no matter what line of work he decides on.