Neyland Stadium is one of the biggest in college football, and its atmosphere makes for a very fun Saturday afternoon.

In an effort to make fall Saturdays an even more enjoyable experience, Tennessee’s Board of Trustees approved a $106 million renovation plan for the stadium last October. A recent open letter from AD John Currie confirmed that Neyland will be receiving an exterior upgrade beginning this summer.

“As we all know, upkeep on a nearly 100-year-old stadium takes lots of time and money–and you can see lots of rust on steel at Neyland Stadium these days,” Currie wrote. “Starting this month, over the next three summers we are spending close to $3 million sanding and painting structural steel, paid for from department revenue (i.e. your ticket money!). Of course, this is kind of like painting the Golden Gate Bridge–you start on one end, and by the time you get to the other end it’s time to start at the beginning again. Work is underway on the backside of the south end upper deck and on the video board structure, with additional work set to take place on the east and upper north areas. Thanks to those who work in the buildings around the stadium for their patience during this process.”

Although the renovations won’t be completed for many more years, it’s sure to bring new life to one of the most unique football experiences that the country has to offer.