There’s a lot of speculation about what will finally bring former Tennessee star and two-time Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning out of retirement.

Recently, there’s been a report that the New York Jets could offer Manning their general manager job, but Manning’s longtime teammate, Reggie Wayne, thinks The Sheriff’s goals lie higher up the ladder.

As you can see below, Wayne said on the NFL Network this week that he thinks Manning could be a Jerry Jones-type of NFL owner someday:

“General manager? Absolutely not,” Wayne said. “You think Peyton Manning would give an owner an opportunity to fire him or have a head coach backstab him and throw shade? Peyton, he would not allow that. … What I do see him doing is being an owner. I see him being an owner somewhere down the line. That’s more of Peyton Manning.”

Which team would Manning try to own? That’s unclear at this time, but he could certainly be targeting an ownership position.