Without a doubt, Phillip Fulmer’s advancement to the position of athletics director at the University of Tennessee has united a long-splintered fan base on Rocky Top. That’s somewhat ironic, as Fulmer’s main message in his brief time as AD seems to be unity.

During his introductory press conference Friday, Fulmer was handed the task of doing what John Currie was unable or unwilling to do — find the best football coach for the UT football program. Fulmer stressed that he would do just that but also stated his desire to bring together the many facets that make up the program and all those associated with it.

“Our football program has the history, the facilities, the tradition and the resources to play with anyone, any time, and that is what we’re going to do again,” Fulmer said. “There’s an old saying that says it is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. That cooperative spirit will drive my approach.

“We need energy, passion and focus from every Vol fan, alumni, coach and athlete. Let’s be so unified and enthusiastic we even win over the naysayers. I’m asking all of our fans, our alumni, our student-athletes and coaches: Let’s go have some fun winning championships.”

That message was continued Saturday in his first tweet since being named AD at Tennessee. Fulmer has a vision in mind for his alma mater, and given time to accomplish his goals, there’s no doubt he will do everything in his power to do what’s best for the university and the football program. Read into this what you will, but Fulmer sent this message out immediately following the conclusion of the SEC Championship Game:

There’s a new leader on the Hill, and very soon we’ll see what direction he takes the program with his first head coaching hire in the coming days.