While Jalen Hurd has yet to publicly release any statements following his abrupt mid-season transfer from Tennessee, his stepfather, and now his mother, Tara Smotherman, have both chimed in with their thoughts on Hurd’s decision to leave the UT program.

While Hurd’s stepfather utilized a video to get his message out, Smotherman allegedly weighed in on her son’s decision to transfer via a post on her Facebook page, according to The Tennessean:

“While it was not my choice for Jalen to leave Tennessee (and we were adamant about this), this is a decision that he put a lot of thought into and certainly did not take lightly. It is not my place to discuss his business and the reasons that he’s decided to transfer, but at the end of the day, he believed that it was best for everyone. People are mad, hurt and very upset, and I understand that. Yet, the reality is if you don’t know what he has been through or what he is going through now, then it is very easy to speculate & judge, make up lies & rumors, or heaven forbid, actually believe them.

Jalen has chosen a different path. We don’t always agree with our children’s decisions, but nevertheless, you love and support them through it all no matter what. Thank you to all of our family, friends and Vol supporters that were so kind to us today. We are so thankful and appreciative to the University of Tennessee, the coaching staff and the wonderful fans for all the love and support throughout the years. Many blessings and much success to you all.”


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However, the drama surrounding the former Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd didn’t end there, as it was revealed Tuesday night that his mother was arrested at the Florida game on Sept. 24.

According to Jimmy Hyams of WNML Radio, Smotherman was arrested in Neyland Stadium after being involved in an incident that began with an altercation with some rowdy Florida fans:

Smotherman didn’t cooperate with the officers, leading to her arrest:

The situation between Hurd and the Volunteers has gotten ugly and is bordering on a full-on smear campaign at this point.

Here’s to hoping Hurd finds success wherever he ends up playing next.