It’s shaping up to be a long season for Tennessee and Arkansas. Even after two weeks, there are issues that appear to be difficult to solve, if they’re solved at all this season.

That was the subject of the latest “Misery Index” from USA Today’s Dan Wolken, who included Tennessee and Arkansas with several other disappointing teams, including Michigan, Washington and Florida State.

“If you have a Tennessee fan that you care about in your life, what do you even say at this point?,” Wolken wrote. “No program in recent college football history has perfected the art of delivering unique gut punches to its fan base like the Vols, who followed the Week 1 loss to Georgia State by blowing a game to BYU that was practically impossible to lose. Even the most cynical Tennessee fan had to think this was over with 17 seconds left because the only thing that could beat them at that point with BYU stuck on its own 20-yard line and no timeouts was something crazy improbable. But with the Vols, the improbable is all too realistic — in the absolute worst way.

Wolken added that, “there’s bad mojo at every turn and it builds on itself until either the dam breaks or something reverses it. The problem for Tennessee is that there was no reward for playing harder and better, and with a monster schedule, 0-2 could easily turn into 1-6.”

Arkansas is another program that has struggled for years, and Wolken pointed out the Razorbacks’ last won an SEC game Oct. 28, 2017.

“That led to the firing of Bret Bielema and the hiring of Chad Morris, but as much as Arkansas fans wanted a change at that time, how could they have predicted they’d still be waiting to see another SEC win?,” he wrote. “Arkansas is now 1-16 in the league over the last two-plus seasons and Saturday’s 31-17 loss at Ole Miss almost certainly portends more of the same this year.”

Nick Starkel, who went 17-of-24 passing for 201 yards on Saturday, could be the answer at quarterback, but that may one of the few positives learned from a loss at Ole Miss.