Beating a rival means so much more than a game in the standings. It means at least a full year of bragging rights against that opponent.

Tennessee assistant coach Brian Niedermeyer took advantage of that right Tuesday with a masterful troll job of Kentucky. Before leaving for a recruiting trip, Niedermeyer tweeted a photo of himself with the famous beer barrel trophy on his desk.

The winner of the Kentucky-Tennessee rivalry used to win the Beer Barrel trophy but after an alcohol-related car crash killed two Wildcats players in 1998 a week before the rivalry game, the teams cancelled the trophy ceremony that year and then discontinued it.

Tennessee, having won the last matchup when the Beer Barrel trophy still existed in 1997, still apparently possesses the infamous trophy.

Despite getting outgained and letting Kentucky control the ball for more than 40 minutes, Tennessee beat its rival, 17-13, on Saturday. Thus, the trophy is in the proper hands even though the two programs no longer exchange it.

Check out the trolling photo below: