Earlier this week, it was reported that Penn State was suing former defensive coordinator Bob Shoop (who now holds the same position with the Tennessee Volunteers) for breach of contract, claiming the ex-coordinator owes the school nearly $900,000 for leaving early.

However, on Thursday, Shoop filed a counterclaim, stating that he didn’t leave the school at all — he was fired.

Part of the claim, which can be seen below, says that “on or about January 10, 2016” Shoop was effectively fired from his post with the Nittany Lions and therefore doesn’t owe the school a penny:

What sorts of “intolerable” and “hostile” work environments Shoop claims he was subjected to are not made clear in this brief segment of the counterclaim, but that will likely be revealed in due time.

It doesn’t seem like this case is going away anytime soon, so it will be interesting to see what the next steps are for both parties.