Video: Tennessee department of transportation mocks Lane Kiffin’s FAU ‘hype’ video

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The short Lane Kiffin era at Tennessee is something likely never to be forgotten by Volunteer fans. While it lasted only one season, Kiffin’s return to Alabama was an annual reminder of the mess he created in Knoxville following the highly successful run of Phillip Fulmer.

Understandably, many Volunteer fans don’t have a soft spot for their former coach. Now that Kiffin is at FAU and starring in cringe-worthy promotional campaigns, the Tennessee Department of Transportation saw fit to make their own video.

Hard not to notice the similarities in this “Commit┬áto the Winter” video via TDOT:

The YouTube description of the video is another clear shot at the FAU coach:

TDOT is just as excited about winter as Coach Lane Kiffin is about FAU football and signing day! If winter comes calling, crews are ready to throw down some salt to get the job done. #GoTDOT

In case you missed Kiffin’s “exciting” FAU video the first time around, here it is (watch at your own risk):

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  • Wow. Kiffin seemed almost life-like in that video.

  • We get it. Kiffin is a tool. The problem with Tennessee trolling him is that Kiffin has had more success in the years after he left Tennessee than Tennessee has had in their entire history. At some point, they need to let it go.

    • Says the troll who’s dawgs have now lost 2 in a row to TN–get a life man

      • Not trolling. Just pointing out how messed up Tennessee is. The rape culture and the fans inflated view of their program. There is a reason that Tennessee fans were voted the most annoying in the country. Last year, some of you idiots were telling us how easy it was going to be to win the SEC East. You are right. Tennessee has won back to back miracles against UGA but that doesn’t change anything. Tennessee fans are still the most annoying in the country. The recruiting wave is over at Tennessee and you’re on your way back to sucking. The 3 stars may have 5 star hearts but their going to be a bottom 3 team this year and for the forseeable future. Enjoy.

        • UGA has a stellar recruiting cycle, and the puppies are already running their mouths. Judging by Kirby Dumbs coaching last year, all them will be transferring soon anyway! BTW, a win is a win, and we are on a roll against UGA, GBO!!!

        • You’re an idiot. I don’t have the time or give a shit to refute all your nonsensical claims.

    • Youre an idoit clausen. TN fans want nothing to do with kiffin. Tired of hearing it.

  • The DOT guy was more enthusiastic talking about the winter than Kiffin was talking about his Owls. Good stuff.

  • I hate continuing to talk about Kiffin, but this was awesome haha

  • I created an account just to tell you how embarrassed you should be that your site has pop-up ads that cover 40% of the content. On top of that, it asked me 5 times in 30 seconds I feel I would like to leave the page and go to the App Store – another ad. Keep up the good work. See ya never again.

  • We dont care SDS..quit talking bout Kiffin. It was over a long time ago. Only one keeping it alive is SDS