Video: Two Tennessee fans troll Butch Jones with Shia LaBeouf parody


Actor Shia LaBeouf was recently caught on camera vigorously protesting and opposing the Donald Trump presidency.

The former Transformers star was arrested for having a dust-up with another individual. The catch-phrase “He will not divide us” had been the rallying cry against Trump for LaBeouf and others in attendance during this incident.

When it comes to the world of college football, Tennessee head coach Butch Jones isn’t exactly the most popular person. Many UT fans are jaded over the lack of winning at the highest level — despite the Volunteers recruiting at an exceptionally high level.

Using LaBeouf as an inspiration, two presumed Tennessee fans posted this parody, anti-Jones video on Twitter:

The individuals took exception to Jones recently saying that he’s looking for players with “five-star hearts.” Lest we forget the “champions of life” comment he made earlier this season.

At this point, Jones might want to avoid using this sort of hokey rhetoric.

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  • Until Butch defeats Georgia and Florida and wins the SEC East, he should expect criticism to continue raining down on his head when he utters sophomoric moralisms like these. I like and respect Jones, and do believe he has the coaching “chops” to take the UT program to the next level. But Kirby Smart and Jim McElwain are going to make his life as unpleasant as they can, year after year. So, until “5-star hearts” can run the forty in 4.3, Jones will find the going very tough.

    • He did beat Florida and Georgia, and still couldn’t’ win the division. The man can not coach, plain and simple. Butch couldn’t win the SEC even if he had Bama’s roster. No joke.

    • Jones beat Florida and Georgia. Georgia 2 years straight. Let me take that back….Dobbs and company beat Florida and Georgia. Jones cant coach, sell cars yes, coach no.

  • Tennessee Hillbillys doing what they do best. Lol

  • Facepalm U, strikes again…

    Not sure what is worse our Coach or some of our Dimwit fans…

    no matter how ugly it was, for me he got a pass just by beating Florida… but if we go backwards on the field 1% next year, I am off the wagon… Hell, I am barely hanging on as it is..

  • Sorry…meant to say “consistently beats Georgia and Florida” — my point being that subpar recruiting will only make his struggles in the East only more formidable.