The Tennessee coaching search is unlike any coaching search college football has ever seen, and it is reaching incredible levels of ineptitude.

On Friday, the Vols apparently whiffed on hiring Washington State coach Mike Leach and also ended up firing AD John Currie.

Now, with no AD and no coach, everything is a mess. On SportsCenter Friday morning, analyst Desmond Howard had a very graphic and colorful way to describe the situation. As you can see in the video below, shared by Bill Hofheimer on Twitter, Howard compares the search to a baby’s dirty diaper:

“If you have a child, if you’ve been around kids they have this one incident where they have a massive poop in their diaper and it’s coming out the side and it reeks,” he said. “You could be at home, you could be in public — it’s just nasty as it can be no matter where you are. I think you can draw a parallel at what’s happening at Tennessee to that situation because it stinks and it’s very messy.”

As gross as that comparison is, it’s not too far off at this point. The Vols have no coach and no answers, and it’ll be up to the leaders of the university to right the ship soon.