Josh Heupel’s first season as Tennessee ends with a disappointing loss. The Volunteers fell to Purdue 48-45 in overtime of the Music City Bowl. The officials’ ruling that forward progress was stopped before Jaylen Wright extended the ball over the plane of the goal line. With Wright ruled short, it was a turnover on downs and Purdue was able to win with a field goal.

After the game, Heupel discussed UT’s final offensive play and more. Heupel relayed that the forward progress explanation is what he heard from the officials. The head coach discussed other parts of Thursday night’s game and reflected on his first season on Rocky Top, thanking Vols fans and players who bought in.  Perhaps most interesting was Heupel revealing that officials admitted there needs to be a rule change on injury stoppages, an issue Tennessee has dealt with throughout the year.

Here are the highlights shared by media members on Twitter:

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