College coaches and players are learning how to navigate this springless football. Virtual meetings are taking place, and players are working out on their own to stay in shape.

Peyton Manning recently surprised a UT senior communications class in a Zoom meeting, and Thursday, he hopped on with the Vols quarterbacks in a virtual meeting. The team’s Twitter account shared the video of Manning speaking with the quarterbacks following a brief introduction from Chris Weinke.

Manning had several valuable tips for Tennessee quarterbacks during this time of uncertainty.

“Coach wanted me to talk to you about a couple things I always thought was important as a quarterback and as an offense. You guys have a real opportunity to take some real ownership as leaders and lead the offensive troops, right?” Manning asked. “Organize whatever meetings, whatever you’re allowed to do, you guys should be the ones playing the role of the quarterbacks coach, the offensive coordinator, the head coach if you will. Because the coaches are limited now in what you can do. It’s a chance for you guys to really display some ownership and leadership and guys are going to follow you, right? It’s not necessarily about a rah-rah speech. It’s about putting the work in and having it organized, whatever it may be. Guys are going to say wow these guys are really on top of it. These guys are passionate about it. I’ll follow this guy anyway.”

You can check out Manning’s full comments below: