Steve Sarkisian revealed his master plan when it came to Texas’ Sugar Bowl prep on the latest edition of “Always College Football.”

Sarkisian revealed that Texas did a lot of simply scrimmaging in the early parts its bowl practices. He wanted to make sure his players were fresh and not caught in a boring routine.

“We have a month until we play. Which is so odd because of the structure of how spring ball, training camp, and then ultimately how the season goes now that you have a month,” said Sarkisian. “Sometimes when you get right into gameplan mode, as you know, that can become monotonous as a player. Really in the front end of our prep, we didn’t really install gameplans. We didn’t get into how we’re defend or attack Washington. We put the ball down and played and tried to keep our competitive juices flowing.”

However, now Sarkisian is using some of the things from scrimmages in the gameplan, much to the surprise of his players. There’s a fine line that Sarkisian is trying to walk of having his players being ready to play without the dull part of game planning.

“Now we’re actually starting to transition to actual game plan mode. Little did our players know that some of those things that we were doing in those scrimmage-type settings are things that we wanna do in the ball game,” said Sarkisian. It won’t be as monotonous to them that way. I think it’s helpful because in the end I want our guys to be sharp, fast, and physical. But also energized to play in this ball game.”

Texas and Washington meet in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day.