There may not be an active college baseball coach as good or as well respected as Tim Corbin.

Vanderbilt’s head coach has claimed two national championships, four SEC titles and won multiple national coach of the year honors during his time in Nashville leading one of the best programs in the entire league.

The Commodores would likely be in the midst of another run at the SEC title and College World Series if not for the NCAA’s need to cancel the baseball season following the coronavirus pandemic across the nation.

While college baseball fans were obviously devastated to learn of the news, during a recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” the Vanderbilt coach shared how he believes time away from the sport may eventually prove to be a good thing for many.

“Last time I was without baseball as a person at any point in time as a competitor was 1975,” Corbin shared on the show. “So, that’s a lot of years of having your springs taken up every single day and then, of course, being a coach that’s 35 years. I think this time has been, I would say, as good as anything, take a negative situation and make it better in terms of being able to reflect, be able to think, be able to have probably deeper conversations with my wife that don’t have anything to do with baseball, but have a lot more to do with life in general and talk more about our girls and talk more about where we see ourselves.

Precious time with his family isn’t the only reason Corbin shared these thoughts as Vanderbilt’s revered baseball coach says he’s actually come to appreciate all the opportunities going the coach at Vanderbilt provides him.

“I think this has been good for a lot of people they might not admit it but I do think it’s good because it allows us to decompress,” Corbin admitted. “It really allows me to appreciate the fact that I have a job, that I am getting paid, that I get to work with young people, I get to get interviewed by someone like yourself — I don’t take any of that stuff for granted because there is going to be a time where I’m not going to do it, and I’m getting the feeling of it right now, and I don’t want that feeling ever again. So I think that a lot of ways, it’s been a very positive situation for me personally.”

Check out the clip below, courtesy of Paul Finebaum on Twitter: