The NFL free agency period has been open for a while, but former Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler still hasn’t found a new home.

The ex-Vanderbilt star has developed a reputation as someone who doesn’t really care about his teammates, and that’s something that is hurting him on the open market, according to former teammate Antrel Rolle.

According to, Rolle said that if Cutler was more open to interacting with his teammates, he’d have found a new team by this point:

“He was a little bit more laid back. He wasn’t a front-row leader,” Rolle said on Good Morning Football¬†on Thursday. “Neither was Eli Manning, but Eli has a way about himself to lead every guy. I just felt like, honestly, if Jay involved himself more with the team, more with his receivers, I think he’d get more better results on the playing field.

“Like I said I just honestly feel like he would get much better results if he involved himself more in the team collectively, with all individuals. It doesn’t have to be offense, defense, special teams, but just everyone as a collective unit, I think he would get more out of his game for himself.”

Cutler has thrown for 32,467 yards and 208 touchdowns in his 11-year NFL career, so he’ll likely land somewhere before the 2017 season gets underway.

However, unless he shows a willingness to change his locker-room attitude, Rolle thinks his former teammate will sit on the open market for a while.