The Vanderbilt Commodores tried their best late, but came up short in a 22-17 loss at Notre Dame on Saturday.

Since the Fighting Irish came away with the win, you’d think they’d have moved on by now, but coach Brian Kelly is still upset with the Commodores.

The source of Kelly’s frustration, which you can see him explain in the video below, was the fact that Vanderbilt kept cut blocking one of his offensive linemen:

“He was getting cut maliciously by their defensive end,” he said. “That’s just bad football. It’s legal, but it’s bad football and I have no problem saying it. We’re so concerned about frontal cuts, and we’ve got a defensive end chopping him on every play.”

As Kelly said, the plays are legal, but perhaps the NCAA will take a look at changing the rules this offseason, especially if Kelly and others complain.