Cyrus Kouandjio has an understandable excuse for why he is currently missing organized team activities with his Buffalo Bills teammates, he’s currently receiving medical attention at a local hospital. The details of why exactly the former standout Alabama offensive lineman ended up there is a bit unclear at this time, however, his current employer released the following statement regarding the incident.

“We are aware of the matter involving Cyrus and are carefully monitoring his condition and gathering more information. We don’t have all of the details, so we won’t have any further comment at this time.”

Kouandjio’s much-publicized teammate and fellow lineman Richie Incognito expressed his concern regarding the incident Thursday. Considering Incognito’s history of poor judgement off the field, his concern has to be a major red flag.

So what exactly happened here? According to a source of Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, Kouandjio was found while climbing over a fence, half dressed. In his report, Carucci’s source claims the Bills lineman told officers to “shoot him.” A claim the Erie County sheriff’s office has denied.

Kouandjio was not arrested following the incident but was taken to the hospital for observation. Considering the concern of his teammate and the statement released by the Bills organization, something bizarre clearly happened with this incident, but the clear facts of the situation remain unknown for the time being.